Light, Blinkie and LED Art by joel Sampson

Another of the technology based New Media aspects I'm interested in is light. This probably comes from my love of minimalism that is well designed. I have been working with Blinkies for some time. A Blinkie is an LED that blinks. My early works used a hand wired circuit board. I designed a printed circuit board in 2013 that I now use. It's powered with a single D-cell, which should power the LED for one year or more.

I have several other light and LED concepts in the works.

My printed circuit board is shown to the left.

Blinkie Printed Circuit Board

Am I Blue Delta (2013) was done for the McKinney Avenue Contemporary (MAC) Delta theme show. It consists of a yellow triangle shaped Plate Vise holding a 1.5" x 1.5" x 24" piece of oak. My printed circuit blinkie board with a large LED and a D cell are attached to the end. It was featured in Dallas Arts Review and got quite a bit of attention.

Delta Grande Delta Grande (2014) was first shown at the Muse show at LuminArte'. It's an up scaled version of Delta. It's made of 4" x 4" cedar, bicycle training wheels and other found objects plus three computer fans with blue LEDs.

I am in the process of deconstructing this piece into three or four smaller sculptures. I think that will work better.

Am I Blue Am I Blue, Runway, and Purple Rain (top to bottom) (2013) are a series of 12" x 12" x 2" geometric abstract paintings with a LED blinkie powered by a D-cell. They use my custom printed circuit board, shown above.

I have a short video of Am I Blue on You Tube. This work does not have sound.

Runway Runway

I have a short video of Runway on You Tube. This work does not have sound.

Purple Rain Purple Rain

Blinkie Tree (2011) is a small 8x8" collage on (and in) a 2" panel. It features a blinking red LED. I estimate it will run over two years on a single D-cell battery that is in the panel. It includes custom, hand built electronics that powers and flashes the LED with a single battery. It was done for a Christmas benefit exhibited at the Rising Gallery in downtown Dallas. It is now sold. Blinkie Tree

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